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Adopt-A-Business Program©

BBBCRI offers the Adopt-A-Business Program, a small business advisory service provider. The Adopt-A-Business Program delivers low cost, high quality advisory services to Alabama small businesses that are located in specific zip codes in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Mobile: 35218, 35810, 36108, and 36605, respectively.  .

The Adopt-A-Business Program provides direct services to small businesses in these selected coverage areas through a combination of diverse channels including face-to-face, videoconferencing, web chat, interactive webinars, and phone calls.  The services include business health screenings, recommended services listing agreement, advisor-in-residence sessions, business report card, report of results and impact on the business, and research studies.

Business advisory services are provided by business professionals having PhD and/or MBA credentials and across five priority capabilities: 

  • Financial Management

  • Talent Management

  • Business Process Management

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Technology Systems

The Program’s intended outcomes are:

  • Increased human capital availability in small businesses located in targeted communities

  • Improvement in five-year survival rate of small businesses in targeted communities.

  • Growth in number of small businesses in targeted communities.

  • Increase in the average growth of business revenues of small businesses in targeted communities. 

  • Improvement in business management areas identified and addressed in the business health screenings and recommended services agreements.

  • Effective interactions between business advisors and business owners.

Click here to complete the Adopt-A-Business Program Application. You will be contacted within 10 days if your application is approved. Feel free to Contact Us, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns.